My name is Salvino Bellavia and I was born in Crewe, England and currently living in the beautiful countryside of San Costanzo, Italy. My professional career started in 1988, when I started working for the company "Furniture Design" for artistic and technical duties till 2001. This period was the beginning for me as a freelance designer and illustrator. In 2002, I started discovering my true interest in art, with my experience in d├ęcor & interiors and the passion for painting inspired from my father. This began my transition into creating works of art and I joined the world of oil on canvas. Today my works express my personal emotions and experiences, and my fondness of simplicity, nature, architecture, geometric art and free spirit. My choice of subjects encompasses the figurative expressions, the objects of nature, the geometric and minimalistic forms. All four of my artistic lines are the interpretations of my imagination. The female figure, an image that awes me for being an endless kaleidoscope of emotions is the subject of my figurative line. She is painted as a symbol of emotion rather than a portrait. My geometric paintings constantly play with the gradations of colors and the forms experimenting with my instinctive strokes and the realms of geometry. My minimal line is my experiment to make a painting using simple clean lines and color play, creating an impact of minimalism with the lines and harmony through the strokes of colors. My admiration of the beauty and simplicity of the nature is depicted in my line Natura.
Salvino Bellavia Salvino Bellavia Salvino Bellavia Salvino Bellavia Salvino Bellavia Salvino Bellavia
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